This guide will assist business leaders like you go from a blank sheet, to understanding what AI can do for your business, to forming an effective plan and implementing your strategy.

Leading in the AI Era
A CEO’s Guide to Strategizing and Implementing Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence, AI, at the moment. People realise that this technology has hit a tipping point where it delivers significant advantages over the current way of doing things, and it is affordable, and not that hard to implement.

AI technology is moving so fast right now that most of us are barely keeping up with the developments and opportunities that arise. You probably know that your business needs to take advantage of AI to avoid getting left behind, but when faced with a blank sheet for your strategy it is hard to begin. This is why I have produced this guide as a framework to get you started.

This guide will:

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Guide Contents

Executive Summary

Brief overview of the report
Key findings and recommendations


The importance of AI in today's business landscape
The purpose and objectives of the report

Understanding AI

Definition and types of AI
Current state of AI
Key trends in AI development

The State of AI Technology Today

Overview of current AI technologies
Key capabilities and limitations
Real-world examples of how companies are using AI in different functions

The Business Case for AI

How AI can benefit businesses
Generative AI
Case studies of successful AI implementation

Setting an AI Strategy

Identifying business problems that AI can solve
Setting AI goals and objectives
Aligning AI strategy with business strategy
Steps for auditing your data assets and identifying AI opportunities
The role of the CEO in AI strategy

Choosing the Right AI Tools

Overview of available AI tools and technologies
Criteria for selecting AI tools
Comparison of popular AI tools
AI partner landscape - working with tech vendors and startups


Building an AI Team

The roles and skills needed for an AI team
Training and development for AI skills

Implementing AI

Steps for implementing AI tools
Managing change and overcoming resistance
Measuring and evaluating AI performance
Processes for managing AI projects
Measuring ROI and optimization
Change management and training required

An AI Adoption Roadmap

Prioritizing AI use cases
Stage-based plan to roll out AI initiatives over time

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Understanding AI ethics and bias
Compliance with data privacy laws
Best practices for ethical AI use
Data privacy and security concerns
Ethical concerns and the need for skilled workers

Future of AI

Predictions for future AI developments
Preparing for AI advancements
The competitive imperative of AI adoption
How to stay ahead of the curve


Recap of key findings and recommendations
Next steps for implementing an AI strategy
First steps CEOs should take after reading this report


Glossary of AI terms
Resources for further reading
Top 5 actionable tips to begin implementing your AI strategy
4 quick wins to include in any AI strategy

The Author

I am Gordon Wilson. I am a chartered accountant, have 20 years in marketing and have founded a few startups. I have been interested in AI for over 10 years knowing that the tipping point for this technology would not be far away. I have many AI projects but this is about helping you. I am following AI developments closely and want to share my knowledge with you to help your business succeed and accelerate the opportunities that AI can bring to all of us.

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Where else can I get this information? The only AI reports I have seen are from the large consultancy organizations which just leave you feeling like you should be doing something but not tell you what exactly.