Getting the Right Mindset

Getting the Right Mindset

According to Zig Ziglar 85% of accomplishments are derived from attitude and 15% from skills. So don't attack the 85% by negative thinking. We will certainly do far better reaching our goals if we have the right mindset. Let's look at the main mental obstacles people have when pursuing an objective and what to do to turn them around.

Many people never even start on their goals because there is always something else, probably easier, to do first. This can go on forever unless you consider the following:-

  • Get organized with a plan. Write down what you will do and when you will do it.
  • Be sure you can make time for your goal and prioritize this time for doing just that.
  • Clear away distractions in this time zone. No TV, no social media checking, no requests from people. Nothing, just focus.
  • Set deadlines but sensible ones. Procrastination can sometimes be getting stuck going after perfection rather than getting a result and moving on.
  • Start gently so there is no stress about getting started. Then a habit will form.

Fear of failure:
The fear block can be quite complex to manage. This feeling can protect us from shame or embarrassment. It is, however, rarely an argument not to aim at a reasonable goal. Consider the following:-

  • It is quite normal to fear failing or getting stuck or confronting the unknown. You can still do it even if a little scared.
  • Normalize failure. It can't always be avoided and you will have learned a lot on the journey which can be useful. In fact, many successful people have failed multiple times before they've achieved success.
  • If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. Failure is not trying.
  • Don't view mistakes as failure. They are part of learning. Ask yourself "What would you do differently?"
  • Work on your self-esteem so you are more resilient to knocks.
  • Break up daunting projects into manageable chunks.
  • Be willing to change direction.
  • Get others involved. More minds help.

You should find a goal meaningful to you that you really want. Don't look for willpower getting you through. 'Want to' goals are more likely to be obtained than 'have to' goals. It's easier to pursue those goals and they feel more effortless. An activity you like is more likely to be repeated than an activity you hate.

  • Seek out a path to your goal that involves doing things you like.
  • Regularly review your goals and progress.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Write down the good reasons you are pursuing this goal. Pin them up.
  • Watch some inspiring videos. Follow people who inspire you.
  • The most successful people work conscientiously toward their goals, not those who are merely naturally gifted. Focus more on the journey than the end result.

Good health seems almost too obvious to say. Apart from medical conditions where you must see a doctor, the three pillars of good health are sleep, a healthy diet and exercise. Our busy lives often push us to make time by reducing sleep, eating fast food and cutting out exercise. This might work for a bit but then we are not our best selves. We don't need to be athletes but if we feel energized and can think clearly then everything we do just gets easier.

Right, you are now ready to go with the right mindset. Just be aware you are the only competition here. Everyone is different in capabilities and starting points. Your genes can make some things easier or harder. You are in control doing what you want.

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