Purpose, Life Goals and Values

How to Find Your Purpose, Life Goals & Values

Take Control of You

You are the CEO of your life. You determine where you want to go (vision), what your purpose is (mission), and what values you adhere to along to way. Employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders like to know these things when it comes to dealing with businesses so they can see what the business is about and be inspired by it. At a personal level very few of us think about these things.

When you know what you are about and how you can contribute with your particular skills and talents then you will find the willpower and determination to achieve your goals and have a fulfilled life. Otherwise, you are adrift, not knowing why you are doing anything, and goals you set have less motivation behind them as they are not part of a big picture for doing anything. Once you have your vision, that is long term goals or life goals, then all short-term goals flow from them.

Clearly you have to start your plan for the rest of your life from where you are with the resources you have. You will be responsible for the decisions you take and any mistakes you make. You absolutely have control over your destiny and owe it to yourself to be successful and fulfilled.

Your Talents

To make the most of your potential you need to work out what you are good at and enjoy. This is your superpower and will lead you to your purpose. Your superpower is something that gives you wings and puts you in the zone. It gives you energy. Obsess daily with your superpower, seeing where you can improve. Find opportunities to hone your powers be they at work or volunteering. Your talents will lead you to your purpose and take you to your fullest potential.

Your Purpose

You need to use your superpower to make an impact. You must find your purpose, your why. Take time to evaluate what you can do with your talent to benefit yourself and all. You might apply it to make a business or promote a cause or help a community or add to human knowledge, as examples. Knowing your purpose will give you direction and willpower and energy to meet your life goals.

Your Life Goals

Set aspirational and inspiring life goals based on your purpose. Once you have your life goals you need to work out the series of activities to get you there. Your immediate short-term goals have meaning because they are supporting your long term aims. They should be no more than three months long so there is clarity about what you are doing and a strong impetus to get things done now to reach your targets. Once you get going on this journey your path will become clearer as you grow in knowledge about your subject both from learning and practical experience. It is OK to amend plans. Your strong desire to reach your life goals will keep you going.

Your Values

We have seen how to get to our purpose and thereby our long-term goals. Another area worth considering at this time is our values. These tell us how to do things - how to behave and how to decide things. They make our path easier and clearer.

You can just sit and think about what three of your top values could be. That is fine but often your real values are hidden even to you. One way to uncover them is to make a list of say 20 life insights you have found that you think could be of use to others. You will find insights into what has worked and failed for you. Then reverse engineer your values from these. For each insight ask, “if someone followed this advice they would have more [insert your value]”.


Understand you have control over your life and can set your destiny. Consider what you are good at and enjoy, and work at this talent. Decide how you can use your talent to make an impact in the world. You have then found your purpose. Set aspirational and inspiring goals based on your purpose. These life goals will give you direction and energy in all that you do. Also, by determining your life values you will know how to act every time you need to make a decision.

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